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Expected College Football Coaching Changes

College Football Coaching Changes Coming Soon To Your TeamĀ 

College football teams are considering firing their coaches as the season progresses, and they may make a move before the season ends. Coaches who are on the hot seat may perform well to end the season, or they may fall apart. This is a list of who may be without a job when the season ends. There is a coach who was let go before the end of the season, and a coaching change that happened last season is paying off.

#1: Mark Richt

Mark Richt was fired at the end of the 2015 season, and he left Georgia for Miami. Miami is his alma mater, and he set about bringing pride back to his former team. Miami is playing extremely-well in 2016, and the Georgia Bulldogs are feeling growing pains. Miami’s choice to hire Mark Richt after his firing at Georgia was the best reaction to an expected firing from last season.

#2: Les Miles

Les Miles was fired before the end of the season because he was not living up to expectations with his offense. He has not recruited a fine quarterback, and the offense was not scoring as much as it should. LSU fans were grave in their assessment of his performance since losing to Alabama in the national title game several years ago, and he was let go in favor of Ed Orgeron. Les will have a new job when the season ends, and LSU will be happy with Orgeron’s system as their new coach.

#3: Mark Stoops

Mark Stoops may not last at Kentucky because his team is not breaking the glass ceiling created by the basketball team. Kentucky is a basketball school that yearns for a fine football team, but they have not yet had the team they want. The Kentucky fans may not take kindly to another poor season, and a change of coach after a few years is to be expected. Anyone watching Kentucky football will see the careless mistakes that will cause Mark’s firing.

#4: Butch Jones

Butch Jones is hemmed in by a scandal involving sexual assaults at the school, and he is not performing as he should. He is not in first place in his division, and his leadership may be too much for the school to handle. Tennessee fans have waited for Butch Jones to bring the progress he promised, but he has not delivered. His firing will not be a surprise to anyone who watches college football regularly.

#5: Brian Kelly

Notre Dame has fallen apart since their appearance and blowout loss to Alabama in the national title game a few years ago. They are not loaded with talent as they once were, and the Notre Dame community is angry enough to replace him. He is not recruiting as he should, and he team is not performing well on a national stage where all their games are televised. No one fears Notre Dame, and that fact alone upsets those who cheer for the team every Saturday.

#6: Gus Malzahn

Gus Malzahn has gone through several levels of mismanagement at Auburn, and he recently lost a game at Georgia because he changed his offensive strategy halfway through a game in which the team was playing well. His erratic offense is not pleasing to watch, and the team is far removed from their appearance in the national championship game. He may be fired in favor of someone who is more reliable.

These six coaches may be fired by the end of the season, and the coaching carousel will continue. Their jobs are never guaranteed, and poor performances will push them out the door.