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March 2017

76ers Biggest Surprise So Far This NBA Season

Who would believe me if i told you that the Los Angeles Clippers were beaten this season playing against the 76ers? Well, my friends, it’s true. Even with Blake Griffen back in the game. The 76ers didn’t even need Joel Embiid to pull-off the big upset.

After rallying back to close a 19 point defecit, the Sixers proved that they intend to win games and not just flush their season down the toilet.

With Embiid out, that did not stop him from cheering from the sidelines once the fans began to cheer during the final minutes of the Clippers loss.

Despite the Clippers having the return of Griffin, he did not show much for it as he scored a low 12 points after being out since the 18th of Dec.

Noel, who replaced Embiid, obtained 3 blocks and during the rally in the second-half, the 76ers scored 10 3-pointers that helped to seal the deal.

During the season, Griffin had an impressive 21.2 points per game followed by 4.7 assists and 8.8 rebounds and also started in 26 of 28 games. During the previous regular-season he started in only 35 games due to injuries.

With Embiid continuing to suffer from his knee injury, there is no telling when he’ll be back in action. He will miss the Milwaukee game come Wednesday because he does not play a double header if he misses one of the games.

With a recorded 17,591 fans in attendance for the Tuesday game, it was considered as another stout number for a professional basketball team. Especially for one having a bad streatch during the season. With the popularity of Embiid though, Sixers management has been considering him to only play during back-to-back home games,

According to Brett Brown, Sixers head coach, stated that “We are perfectly aware that Sixers fans expect Joel to play, That is one of the influences we take into consideration when we decide when he will play. We just need to make sure that we do things right prior to him starting again.”

Another player that had injuries was Jahlil Okafor who is suffering from a sore right knee. This made both Holmes and Saric clutch.

With a total of 12 3-pointers from the Clippers, they obtained a lead by 19 points until the third quarter when the Sixers gained momentum.

The Sixers fans went crazy after DeAndre Jordan had four failed free throw attempts. The failed attempts stirred the crowd so much that it has been a long time since the Wells Fargo Center has heard such an uproar from Sixers fans. This uproar continued after an alley-oop was completed by Noel and a fast-break by Sergio Rodriguez which created a lead of 87-86.


The Sixers number 1 pick, Ben Simmons, has shown constant improvement from his right broken foot. Although Simmons has not started at all this season, the Sixers had him doing light drills with the D-League.

Sixers management has intentionally sidelined both Noel and Enbiid for the duration of the season to ensure their full recovery. But Simmons looks like he won’t allow that to happen to him even though the Sixers are not in any hurry to rush him back in. Especially since the Sixers visualize Simmons as a cornerstone to Embiid.

Coach Brown stated, “We are making it a slow process for his return, we are not going to make it dramatic or to have people expect it. We are making him fully conditioned and cautiously watching his progress so we can make a much more defined and legitimate team welcoming back date.”